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Report on the IPH expedition to China 1999
by Albert Elen, visiting sites where paper is still made by hand in the traditional way from International Paper Historians (IPH) website

Schweizer Papeirhistoriker - Die Zeitschrift
bringt neben wissenschaftlichen Beiträgen zur Papiergeschichte auch Informationen über das aktuelle Geschehen rund um die Themen Papier und Buch

Simon Green
offering substantial stocks of paper, felts and moulds from Hayle Mill (U.K.) which was built in 1808 and operated by the Green family from 1813 to 1987 when production of handmade paper ended.

small-scale paper making
(pdf-file) by ITDG - Intermediate Technology Development Group

Stephen Herold Handmade Paper
A large selection of fine handmade writing and drawing papers dating from 1589 to around 1972.

Tange Tetsuo
washi maker

The Paper Project
is dedicated to exploring one of the earliest technologies and art forms, papermaking, using a scanning-laser confocal microscope.

Van lompen tot papier
De vervaardiging van handgeschept papier. Fotos zijn gemaakt in het Nederlands Openlucht Museum

Where paper is not just pulp
Aimee Kligmans website is created so that you can explore the possibilities which hand papermakers from around the world bring to you

Wie Papyrus gemacht wird
eine Fotodokumentation von Volker Cichowlas

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