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History of Paper and Papermaking

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18th century Paper Mill on the Isle of Wight
Report on the Isle of Wight´s only paper mill

A brief history of Buckland Paper Mill, Dover
which was one of a number of mills operating in the Dover district during the 18th and 19th centuries

A History of Papermaking
by Wisconsin Paper Council: The Invention of Paper, Paper in Early America, Papermaking in Wisconsin

About Washi
This webpage contains the history of Washi (japanese handmade paper) and the materials used, explanation of the terms used in Japanese papermaking, with Acrobat.pdf files for download, by Hiromi Pape

All about paper
by HQ PapermakerTM, Thailand - History of paper - papermaking through the ages, Chinese and Japanese paper, Asian traditions, Thai paper, paper terms.

Ancient Paper Making
China´s Ancient Papermaking Tradition (by Ouyang Changpei)

British Association of Paper Historians
British Association of Paper Historians - Homepage

Cartiere della Val di Pescia
Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza: I luoghi della Scienza in Toscana

Die Solinger Papiermühle
Die Papiermacherfamilien Soter und Jagenberg

Early History of Paper & History of Papermaking in the United Kingdom
(from Homepage of British Association of Paper Historians)

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